Photograhy cannot confront nothingness because, as Raoul Ubac explains, “the real is filled, it exudes forms” from which it is difficult to extract or detach oneself. As such, it is paradoxical to use this medium to photograph nothingness or absence, and it is from this observation that the series was born. 

The set-up used for “Over White” symbolically empties a fragment of space to create a blank page. New boundaries, usually foreign to photography, are drawn from this process and move us closer to a virtual dimension than a real one.

This decidedly conceptual work compels us to consider photography from a different angle. It becomes a tool of abstraction which transforms an installation into a mental image. The textures, materials and volumes take on a different resonance. The image metamorphoses into a space containing suggestions, recollections and equilibriums. The photographed objects have been shaped, found and re-appropriated, and they all have this whiteness in common.

The lighting and the absence of visual cues invite us into a fragile, ethereal universe that our imaginations recognize.

Series of 10 Fine Art prints on Hahnemühle paper in size 14 x 21 cm.

Framed with white wood.