DRIFT / 2010

                “One day, cities will be built for drifting.”
                Guy Debord - Théorie de la dérive - 1956.

The true subject of this series is a city, which could be anywhere - it is not its identity that matters but the singular possibilities for dérive (drift, or deviation) that it offers. 

This concept, developed by Guy Debord in “Théorie de la Dérive”, is one possible definition of the practice of photography: “Between the various situationist practices, dérive is defined as a technique for swift passage between varied ambiances. One or several persons engaged in dérive abandon, for a short or long period of time, the reasons to move and to act that they generally follow … in order to allow themselves drift toward the attractions of their surroundings and the ensuing encounters”.

The urban environment is overloaded with an abundance of information and signs – the space is saturated. The desire to step outside these boundaries has become a pressing need. We often dream of veering off to more intimate, less visible spaces, of finding ourselves “out of frame”.

During the nighttime, certain elements fade away and one can drift intuitively by following the light, from beacon to beacon. By constructing these random paths, one can chart an emotional map of an area. From these fragments of lighted surroundings, a new poetics emerges. One moves from one scene to the next, filled with the desire to imagine a different city.     Image_Derive_1.html

Series of 16 argentic prints in size 80 x 80 cm and 50 x 50 cm.

Mounted on dibond and framed with black wood.