Artefact : noun (from the Latin arte by skill (abl. of art-, ars skill) + factum,).    
                                      - An object modified, even minimally, by humans, and which is thus distinguished from one
                                        provoked by a natural phenomenon.
                                      - A structure or phenomenon of artificial or accidental character which alters an experience 
                                        or an examination of a natural phenomenon.

The objects photographed in this series were all manufactured by humans for a specific purpose. Their surroundings were designed and shaped by the practices of a population. All these areas of activity overlap and evolve constantly, leaving behind certain spaces during their transformation. 

Abandoned and deserted, these objects are freed of their utility. Their unusual forms are incorporated into the landscape, producing a surprising aesthetic. They catch the eye and stand out in our imagination as relics of a different reality. Their presence helps piece together a “portrait in negative” of their builders.

Vestiges of the era which produced them, these enduring objects continue to raise questions. They compel us to undertake an archaeology of the present and to explore our daily environment with greater detachment.

“ Each object photographed is nothing but the trace left by the disappearance of all the rest.”
                                Jean Baudrillard

Series of 14 argentic prints in size 70 x 105 cm.

Mounted on dibond.